"I have always pictured myself as a flower farmer. It's this vision of a life of simplicity, hard work, and natural beauty that propels me. I love showing people how amazing creation is. We are surrounded by so much ugliness, inside and out. I hope that I can inspire you to see some of the good, alive, and beautiful in our world."
- Michelle Elston
 Roots, Owner and Farmer
grow field
grow field

We believe in...

Local Economy

We strive to do all of our sales within a 100 mile radius of Carlisle, PA.  Being a part of our local economy builds relationships and stability in our community.  Financially, we strive to be a viable business that is fiscally sound; otherwise, this whole venture is just a hobby.


We also desperately seek a balance between work and play, work and family, and work and rest.


We may choose to do things the hard way sometimes because it really may be the best way. Living an uncluttered, unencumbered life is a modern challenge.

We are farmers.
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